Cool Kane Karma Comes for Cowardly Cooke

The cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person’s deeds in the previous incarnation.

20 Responses to “Cool Kane Karma Comes for Cowardly Cooke”

  1. BornAgainBruinsFan Says:

    Clarence, where have you been? I thought the glue factory got you!!! Its not a good sign when the B’s biggest fan goes into hiding.

    Anyway, thanks for the Stephen Knapp clip. Not only do I now know the meaning of life but also added some great pickup lines. Chicks dig karma!!!
    Rumor has it that Knapp has passed Wilt.

    Throwing around “vadic cultures of India, vadic literature, impiety, jevus soul, karmic consequences, cause of existence, parma parrana, upliftment, higher purpose of life, bakti yoga, spiritual strata” at cocktail parties is bound to get you some sack time if you know what I mean.

    I suggest using “son of his past, father of his future” only on special occasions. Very powerful!

    But back to the Bruins. Clarence, can we get a blog rebirth for the playoffs? They need you Clarence!!!


    • clarencethehorse Says:

      BaBF – Good to hear from you! I went into a deep equine depression following their 10-game slide in Jan/Feb….so I went out to stud for few months, but eventually Tiger came in and replaced me. But I have returned more relaxed than ever. I didn’t even watch that whole Knapp video…I apologize for any trauma inflicted. I bet he’s the life of the party, though. Do you remember Zip Rzeppa? Channel 7 sportsguy in the early 80’s…check out this 45 I bought 27 years ago:

      I will indeed be rooting for the B’s…..and here’s to Taylor/Tyler… season’s B’s savior!

      If only it were that easy.

      Until next time…

      ….Rounding the final turn…?

  2. BornAgainBruinsFan Says:

    4-3 with about 5 minutes to go!!!
    NHL playoffs are more exciting than the super bowl.

    Hang on B’s!!!!!

    Tooooooka Toooooka

  3. BornAgainBruinsFan Says:

    What a win!!! Great comeback!!! Must be karma…

  4. clarencethehorse Says:

    Whew….we had ’em all the way, BaBf~!
    That Stephen Knapp knows his shit….

    And more games tonite….nothing better than the NHL playoffs!

  5. BornAgainBruinsFan Says:

    Clarence, here we go again…, about six minutes left…up by a goal!!!
    What a hit on Ellis by Bodnarchuk huh!!!
    Hey what’s this Clarence, tv break over and Ference gets suckered!!!
    Hang on B’s!!!

  6. BornAgainBruinsFan Says:

    Another nail biter Clarence… Gotta love the B’s…Like a different team

  7. clarencethehorse Says:

    What was up with that Ference non-call??!! Its a good f’ing thing they won that game….but they’re slowly winning me back, BaBf!

  8. BornAgainBruinsFan Says:

    Clarence, I have to keep pinching myself to make sure this isn’t a dream!!!
    Eacn game seems to outdo the previous one…Talk about excitement, what’s next?
    Anyone with a weak heart shouldn’t be allowed to watch these games. Can we end it in 5?
    It’s karma, Clarence, and you willed it with this blog!!!

    • clarencethehorse Says:

      BaBf – a bit of letdown tonite….but they’ll wrap it up in front of their home fans on Monday night….that’s a “Clarence Guarantee”!

  9. BornAgainBruinsFan Says:

    What is Ryder doing? I started breathing a little easier when score went to 3-1, but Ryder screwed things up

    Hang on B’s. Lots of time left though

  10. BornAgainBruinsFan Says:

    4-2, under 4 minutes left, lookin’ goooooood!!!

    • clarencethehorse Says:

      Hey BaBF – well, they managed to finish off Buffalo. This is gonna be a GREAT series with Philly. Sorry for the late response; I have a new iPhone and so enthralled with it that I have been neglecting Clarence  Prediction: Bruins 4, Flyers 2. 

  11. BornAgainBruinsFan Says:

    Clarence!!! What are they trying to do to me, give me a heart attack? It’s 4-4 in overtime right now, that fourth goal made me puke!!!

    I’m nerrrrrrrrrrvous Clarence!!!

  12. BornAgainBruinsFan Says:

    Holy shit Clarence!!!! The karma continues!!! Savard with the winning goal?
    I need to celebrate, I live in Chelsea now, can you send me a hooker?

  13. clarencethehorse Says:

    That fourth goal was awful, but what a finish!!! She’s on the way….and her name is Chelsea, too…just to make things simple. And this ones on Marc Savard…

  14. BornAgainBruinsFan Says:

    Finally an easy one!!! lol
    I met Chelsea but she’s not from Chelsea, but Revere very confusing…
    I actually switched to the Celtics for a minute and missed the go ahead goal!!!
    Now to philly and at least one W there.

    • clarencethehorse Says:

      Helluva win, BaBF! You picked a good season to be born-again….
      Philly will not go down easily….one win will suffice, agreed. But I do want someone to hold down Scott Hartnell and cut off, no…PULL OUT his hair.

  15. BornAgainBruinsFan Says:

    Clarence, a bit nervous but still confident. I am hoping for an easy one tonite but I doubt it. They will have to take a lesson from Celtics and rise to the occasion…Let’s go B’s!!!
    And how about them Habs?
    I hate to look ahead but thats gonna be a great series.


  16. clarencethehorse Says:

    Hey BaBF~! An easy one??? what the hell is that??? I am also hoping there is some ‘aura’ left over at the Garden from last nite’s Celts win.

    But I am nervous as hell…..if the Bruins do win, look for Bergeron, Chara and Recchi to lead the way. They have to shut down Briere and Gagne, and not let Carcillo and/or Hartnell goad them into anything undisciplined.

    Prediction: Bruins 3, Flyers 1 (open net goal with 18 seconds left to clinch it).

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