Boston Bruins Lose Tenth Straight to Canucks

The Boston Bruins blew a 2-0 lead and lost 3-2 in a shootout for the second consecutive game – this time to the Vancouver Canucks.

This was the tenth loss in a row for the Bruins.

RIP Soupy Sales (b. Milton Supman) 1926 – 2009

4 Responses to “Boston Bruins Lose Tenth Straight to Canucks”

  1. BornAgainBruinsFan Says:

    Clarence, what’s going on? Are they ever going to win again?

    It’s time for a change with a capital C! This situation calls for drastic measures.
    It’s not Sonny and Cher they need to watch, but Chastity!

    That’s right Clarence, these pussys need a gender reassignment.


    • clarencethehorse Says:

      The gender re-assignment has been cancelled….for now.

      • BornAgainBruinsFan Says:

        Clarence, a victory!!! I take it all back. Now can we ein 10 in a row?
        And we’ll keep Chaz lurking in the background….for now.


      • clarencethehorse Says:

        BABF – Yesss!! Now lets see if we can make it 2 in a row tonite…..we are back to baby steps.

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