Capitals Win Eleventh in a Row as Bruins Lose Eighth in a Row, 4-1; Milton Supman is recalled

Alas.another loss, Boston Bruins fans. This time, it was 4-1 to Alex Ovechkin and the high-flying Washington Capitals.

and in other news…..

Ovechkin Wins Local Woman in Nigerian Lottery

The Bruins stand alone in 12th place in the Eastern conference as they begin February with a familiar result  – a loss in which they scored one goal.


I really hope to have a victory to report soon.

Milton Supman ain’t walking through that door, folks….

There are a very finite number of Soupy Sales videos available…and he ain’t making no more.


5 Responses to “Capitals Win Eleventh in a Row as Bruins Lose Eighth in a Row, 4-1; Milton Supman is recalled”

  1. BornAgainBruinsFan Says:

    WTF, I was getting strong vibes watching last night. Would have been an emphatic end to both streaks. Seems like they’re pressing! Not sure why, can we blame Obama?

    I feel they’re on the verge of coming out of this. Six more games to the break, need 10 points. Then a strong finish after the break.

    If you do run out of Soupy, try Pinky.


    • clarencethehorse Says:

      You know, BABF, come to think of it….this IS Obama’s fault. Lousy Democrats……

      Someone else commented on it on that youtube page, but Pee-Wee Herman really did rip off Pinky!

      I’m going to the game 2mrw, BABF….which means…..the turnaround STARTS TOMORROW, BAABY~!!!

      If not, then fuck ’em….

      • BornAgainBruinsFan Says:

        Clarence, I want to nominate you for the Bruin’s Fans Hall of Fame, you’re the best. You going to the game might be just what they need. I think you at the New Years game is what made the difference.

        Of course, you know if they win tomorrow, you’ll have to keep going to the games until they lose.

        Clarence, can they turn it around? Of course they can. They just need a couple of lucky bounces to get them started.

        This stretch before the break can make or break them. Can make hay against habs, panthers and TB. all teams between them and a playoff spot.

        They can do it Clarence, looking for 10 of the 12 points available starting tomorrow against the hated canadians!

        A six goal game is what we need!

        if they lose, fuck them and pee wee herman!


  2. BornAgainBruinsFan Says:

    Bend over, Peewee…

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