Another Lost Weekend for the Boston Bruins

Things aren’t pretty in the land of the Boston Bruins.

Heading into this past weekend’s games against Ottawa and Carolina, the Bruins were teetering precariously on the verge of being out of the playoff picture in the East. Thanks to losses in both weekend games, the Bruins are now on the outside looking in – in 9th place in the East.  They are only three points from being in 13th place. Wtf happened? Which season is, or was, the fluke – this season, or last season?  There are 33 games remaining for the Bruins this season to help us decide. So far, with Patrice Bergeron and Tuukka Rask being the exceptions, every returning Bruin has been a disappointment this season.

Losers of 8 of their last 9 games, the Bruins are heading downhill with stunning alacrity:

Quick, bitter, synopsis of the two games:

Ottawa: 2-1 loss. Tim Thomas allows another bad goal. B’s offense is AWOL. Daniel Paille had a nice bullet of a goal for the Bruins.

@Carolina: 5-1 loss. Thomas pulled after 4 goals. In the Carolina Hurricanes, the Bruins were facing the worst team in the 30-team NHL. Yikes.

“Serenity Now!”


That being said – I really am keeping the faith for this year’s Boston Bruins.

I better, because right now, no one else is gonna do it.



Until the Bruins win again, it’s nothing but Soupy Sales videos.

– Clarence

“The Nays have it”

9 Responses to “Another Lost Weekend for the Boston Bruins”

  1. clarencethehorse Says:

    I’d like to add Mark Recchi to the list of exceptions in terms of returning Bruin disappointments, as he has provided everything and more that management could have expected from a soon-to-be 42 year old. Recchi just passed The Chief, Johnny Bucyk, and moved into 10th place all time for NHL games played at 1,541. But that’s the last exception…

    • Freida Malone Says:

      He is still tradeable.

      • clarencethehorse Says:

        Hey Frieda – how ya doone?
        I wish he was tradeable; but a winger who is 4 days shy of his 42nd birthday has about as much value as a condom at the Vatican.

      • Freida Malone Says:

        I disagree. I think a playoff team looking for a little punch on the PP would snatch him up.

      • clarencethehorse Says:

        Of course they would….for a 4th round draft pick or sumthin. I’ll re-phrase….”I wish he had more trade value”.

  2. BornAgainBruinsFan Says:

    Don’t despair! FormerBruinsFan is reverting back to BornAgainBruinsFan for the stretch run.
    It is gonna be a grueling, uphill battle but stranger things have happened. I just saw where Claude has gotten a vote of confidence so to speak!
    Maybe it’ll loosen things up.
    They’re down 1-0 and Sabres are on PP so it’s time to start the ‘Lets Go B’s’ cheer.
    If things don’t work out, all I got to say is,

    and what’s wrong with Soupy Sales


    • clarencethehorse Says:

      It’s good to have you back, BABF.
      Love the Ralph Kramden….here’s one for ya:

      And I love Soupy Sales…..and I hope you do, too, because the Bruins lost again tonite.

      Time to prepare the Soupy of the Day…..

  3. BornAgainBruinsFan Says:

    Clarence, the turn around has begun!
    It’s hard to fault Thomas as he only gave up 2 goals but I will anyway. What was he thinking when he swung his stick stopping the 4 minute PP?

    And after the B’s tied and then went ahead in the shootout, he looked like he didn’t have a clue while letting the Kings tie it up again. You knew it was over then.

    BTW, your pictures are showing up blank. Gonna try firefox.

    • clarencethehorse Says:

      Hmmm…let me know if issues still exist using Firefox. I think there’s a DTS for that.
      I’m just about at wit’s end with the Bruins.
      Know what time it is, BABF????

      TUUKKA Time!!!

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