Bruins FanFest at Fenway – Goodbye 2009

The Boston Bruins FanFest was held the day before this year’s Winter Classic at Fenway Park.

The snow started to fall just as the gates opened.

Mikey Adams tent was a hoppin’ place to be, and with Mikey apparently tripping on South American toad bellies, he was even more loquacious than usual.

But he never expected Travis the skating Monkey!!

NHL Hall of Famer Johnny “Chief” Bucyk

Boston Bruins 1957 – 1978

Rick “Nifty” Middleton

Boston Bruins 1976 – 1988

Lyndon Byers (“L.B.”)

Boston Bruins 1983 – 1992

A choice of Three Stooges marathons must mean the year is almost over.

~ Here’s to 2010 ~

2 Responses to “Bruins FanFest at Fenway – Goodbye 2009”

  1. FormerBruinsFan Says:

    whats up with this site? Takes forever to load andkeeps crashing!!! And it kills anything i got running. I missed the end of the whiner line tonite.

    Great coverage of the winterfest game and festivities, made me feel like i was there. Not really, but almost there. BC – BU tomorrow, i wonder if its on TV.

    Quick question, are you a bit worried about this Satan guy? Maybe a mole for the devils?

    How about All-Star Tim? Playing great huh? And to think you wanted Rask in there, what’s wrong with you Clarence!

    Celtics tonite, Pierce is back! Maybe UConn girls too. Now that i’m in CT, i get to see all their games. They are awesome!

    Sorry to say it but I don’t think the pats will be going far this playoff. If they do then Belichek is truly a miracle worker.

    Loved the Stooges clips,

  2. clarencethehorse Says:

    Hey Pete – I think its the amount of graphics I have on my pages; I apologize about the whiner line….but look at it this way, maybe you missed the man-on-the-way-up.
    Satan is going to be a help….he won’t make us forget about Phil Kessel, but he’s a good veteran presence.
    And regarding the Pats….it’s hockey season, who gives a sh*t! But seriously…..I agree its not a super bowl year; that horsehoe came clanking out of Belichek’s ass earlier this season at some point.
    Glad you enjoyed the Winter Classic post…it was quite a day, FBF.
    Later, Knucklehead….

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