Bruins Snap Four Game Losing Streak, Shutout Senators

The Bruins ended a four-game losing streak (0-2-2) on Monday, as Tim Thomas was strong in shutting out the Ottawa Senators, 2-0.  It was Thomas’ 4th shutout of the season.  Marc Savard also ended a six-game pointless streak with an assist on Marco Sturm’s goal.  Here are the recaps of the three games since my last entry:

5-4 SO loss to Black Hawks on 12/18:,2,515

2-0 loss to Toronto on 12/19:,2,521

2-0 win over Ottawa on 12/21:,2,536

The Chicago 5-4 SO loss featured a late goal by David Krejci that gained the B’s a point, but the Hawks continued their dominance at home (16-4-1 this season).  In the Toronto loss, Bruins defenseman Adam McQuaid made his NHL debut.  Tuukka Rask was back in net, and he was solid but the Bruins just couldn’t finish their chance on this night.  The loss aside, the Bruins have been able to keep Maple Leaf Phil Kessel pointless in his three games against his former team. Tempers did flare late in the game, and the last seven or eight minutes ensured that these two teams have developed a genuine dislike for each other. But the Bruins (17-11-7) finally got a win against Brian Elliot (Goalie) and the Senators, and are currently second in the Northeast Division and fifth in the Eastern Conference.  Sorry for the concise entry this week….Clarence will return to form after the holidays.

Note to Jack Edwards:  Enough, ENOUGH ALREADY with the overuse of the “forearm shiver” phrase. It’s tired an meaningless…like you as an announcer.

Note to NESN: Can we get a real Bruins play-by-play person for Christmas?

The Bruins face the Ilya Kovalchuk and the Atlanta Thrashers in about an hour at the TD Garden, with Tim Thomas back in net, then are off until they swing through the sunshine state next Sunday and Monday for games against the Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning.

30 Years Ago Today…

It was 30 years ago today that the Bruins went into the stands at Madison Square Garden:

This article was also in today’s NY Times…you may need to sign-up for a FREE account to view:

3 Responses to “Bruins Snap Four Game Losing Streak, Shutout Senators”

  1. FormerBruinsFan Says:

    Clarence, can you get the real Tim Thomas to come forward! He goes from Tim the bum, to Tim, last year’s all star, and back to Tim the bum. Is his middle name Sybil?

    After his strong performance vs the Senators, I thought All Star Tim was back! And then last night’s game. Granted, they won but no thanks to him!
    How long is Claude going to stick with this clown?

    Clarence, we need Rask, and we need him NOW!!!

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane with the Brawl in the Stands clip. 30 years ago? Wow, it seems like only 29! 😉 Actually, I remember it well.

    Kinda sad seeing Phil in a Rangers uniform. And how about O’Reilly, not only a tremendous hockey player, but a certified crazy! Outside of Orr, I don’t think I enjoyed watching any B’s player more than him.

    They don’t make ’em like him any more. I mean, look at the current team? Lucic? not even close!

    As far as last night’s game goes, a win is a win. I suppose we should be happy they didn’t blow it like they almost did.

    And a Merry Christmas to you Clarence and I hope Santa brings you all you’ve asked for.

    I lowered my standards this year and instead of Peace, Love, Joy, or an end to world Hunger, I’m askin’ for lap dance! Just one though, I want to make it to New Years.
    Can you help a brother out Santa? 🙂


    • clarencethehorse Says:

      Merry Christmas, Pete….I mean FormerBruinsFan….

      Yeah, I forgot that Phil was still playing for the Rangers when this happened. And I think Lucic will continue to develop, and we can only hope he has the type of impact on this team that Terry O had on his Bruins teams from the 70’s and 80’s.

      I agree….Tuukka time is NOW. It should be interesting to see who gets the start in Fenway. “Sybil” was a great movie, btw…..

      The good news: your lap dance is on the way.
      The bad news: it’s Rosie O’Donnell.

      I’ll have a special Christmas post tomorrow….but for now, I have to get tucked in to bed so Santa doesn’t stiff me…..again.

      • FormerBruinsFan Says:

        Merry Christmas Clarence.
        Rosie just left and strange as it may seem, not bad for a fat, overweight, no-talent lesbian! But she started getting loud, as only she can, woke the grandkids, so I had to ask her to leave.

        Anyway, if you’re serious about starting a dump Jack Edwards movement, I’m down!
        There was a similar movement which you may be too young to remember back in the early ’70’s and the fans got rid of the Bruins announcer, can’t remember his name, and that’s when Fred Cusick returned to call the games. (He had previously called the radio games for a while)

        I don’t know if WEEI would support the movement, they used to have a lot of fun with Edwards.

        Five NBA games on today, including Celtics this afternoon.

        I’m in the finals in a fantasy league. Squeaked out a victory last week. Brady and Welker, Gore, Austin and others, looking for a big game from Pats vs Jacksonville.
        Not sure whether to start Hines Ward or Greg Jennings. Will be a game time decision.
        I’ve got Tennessee’s kicker, Bironas, going tonite.

        Well Clarence, anxiously awaiting your Christmas Special post,


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