Bruins Stumble; A Capella Craze Sweeps Nation

Clarence is slacking, but I did not see the majority of the Bruins/Islanders game on 12/12.  The Bruins lost 3-2 in OT, but the stat that stood out was a 17-3 shot advantage for the Bruins in the third period of a 2-2 game.  So the offense was having trouble finishing of their chances, and that continued into the next game on Monday 12/14 in Boston against the Philadelphia Flyers.  Flyers goalie Brian Boucher stood tall, especially in the third period when the Flyers rallied from a 1-0 deficit to score three times (one empty-netter) and win 3-1.

One note to the NHL: You have instant replay, so USE IT.  If there is any question concerning a goal/no-goal situation, HAVE THE PLAY REVIEWED.  Vladimir Sobotka had a goal disallowed for the Bruins in the first period as the referees ruled the goal was off its moorings before the puck crossed the goal line, but a simple review would have validated the goal and given the Bruins a 1-0 lead.  Mind-blowingly, neither referee (Dan O’Rourke, Kevin Pollock) thought it should be reviewed, and play resumed with the Bruins being robbed of the game’s first goal.

So it was back to back losses for the Bruins as they head into tonight’s game in Chicago against the Black Hawks.  There is more original six action tomorrow nite as the B’s visit Toronto for another meeting with Phil Kessel and the Maple Leafs, this time on Toronto’s home ice.

Here’s some pretty cool A Capella stuff, since I don’t care to re-cap these two Bruins’ losses.  Here’s an array of A Cappella-related clips…featuring some Ben Folds and a look at Todd Rundgren’s 1985 “A Cappella” album.  But let’s start with the Beatles (a British rock quartet from the 1960’s) and a rare a capella version of “Because”, from the album “Abbey Road”:

** See Abbey Road webcam below **

Here’s a LIVE look at Abbey Road:

11 Responses to “Bruins Stumble; A Capella Craze Sweeps Nation”

  1. FormerBruinsFan Says:

    I just finished watching the Celtics lose at home to an awful Philadelphia team and hoped the B’s could lift my spirits with a win at Chicago. Switched channels and watched the 3rd period. No such luck! A nice late goal to salvage a point, but not a chance to get the other.

    What happened to Thomas? He has become terrible! His play in the shootout was a joke! Where’s the other guy? Their last four losses have been with Thomas in net!
    Clarence, I want answers! What’s going on? Where’s Rask?

    What’s up with all the A Cappella clips? Are you running out of material?
    Question: In the Beelzebub clip, is someone voicing the percussion? Maybe the guy with the hand mike? Don’t like it. I don’t think that’s true a cappella.
    And the Todd Rundgren clip, isn’t the meaning of a cappella, without instruments? So when his group emulates instruments, isn’t it by definition not a cappella? What’s he trying to do change the meaning of a cappella? In my opinion, things have been all down hill for him since Hello It’s Me.
    I like the old school a cappella, where you don’t hear instruments, real or fake! Like the neighborhood guys in Rocky.
    What was the a cappella song the Beatles released? I forget the name; it was some song on Abbey Road, Because maybe? Now that was good a cappella. And why don’t you show that clip?
    Clarence you’re slipping!


    • clarencethehorse Says:

      FBF – I believe you are thinking of “Because” from Abbey Road, but that was also not TRUE a cappella, as there were synths, and possibly a harpsichord (?). My Bruins comeback did not come to fruition last nite. You may be right….is Clarence a curse for the Bruins? Time will tell….

      But at least I’m in the Fantasy Football finals this weekend against Charley!

  2. FormerBruinsFan Says:

    Toronto 1 Bruins 0 after 2.
    They finally sit Thomas down and they can’t score a goal! What is it with this team?
    I hope this doesn’t turn out to be another bad weekend for Boston teams. Patriots need the win tomorrow.

    • clarencethehorse Says:

      Have faith, FBF….maybe Rask will get a goal for us. And I feel good about the Pats tomorrow.

      Yes…blog-wise, clarence mailed it in this week. But a convergence of a cappella-related events inspired me to indulge myself.

      Look for the B’s to come back and win this one in the third~!

  3. FormerBruinsFan Says:

    Thanks for the advice, I’m still “looking” for the third period comeback! I just hope your Patriots prediction is a bit more accurate. 🙂

    Please, don’t be concerned about the blog being a curse and decide to stop or slow down. Even if you are a curse, you’re more entertaining then those bums! Maybe you can you send the team one of your shoes?

    Ah yes, The Nihilists did make it to the finals, congratulations, alhtough you’d be facing THE BAR rather than Charley if not for a game time coach’s decision last week to put in Donald Driver and bench Brandon Marshall, and you know THE BAR has had your number all season. In any case, good luck. Great job turning around a horrible team into a good one.
    I followed the Saints game last night (on gamecast, don’t have nfl network), Brees wasn’t at his finest unfortunately, but the million dollar man’s cousin, Miles Austin, had a big game for you.

    I am still alive in a different league, semi finals this week. I’ve got Brady and Welker. Looking for strong performance which may not pan out as buffalo is strong against the pass and weak against the run.

    I stand corrected. It wasn’t the release on Abbey Road that was the true a cappella of Because, but the following:

    I listened to it this morning and got chills! Is there any way you can edit the blog and give it top billing among the a cappellas, where it belongs?
    Chills, Clarence, it gave me chills!


    • clarencethehorse Says:

      Ask and ye shall receive, FBF….the lads from Liverpool have been given their proper billing. And a link to an Abbey Road Webcam. ~Clarence~

      • FormerBruinsFan Says:

        You da man, Clarence. Nice, you saw the light with the Fab Four. The Abbey Road web cam bonus is just great. A little Orange Sunshine and I can watch it for hours. Now if I can only get my hands on some.

        I know the good doctor, Timothy Leary, has left us but this is the time for his return.
        Who can forget his memorable quote, “I’ve left specific instructions that I do not want to be brought back during a Republican administration.”

        Gotta run, Clarence. I know my seance kit is in the attic somewhere.

        “Tune in, turn on, drop out!”

  4. FormerBruinsFan Says:

    I mention Orange Sunshine in a post and next your posting photos of sunset after a storm! Hmmm Coincidence? I think not! More likely some sort of Freudian slip…


    • clarencethehorse Says:

      Holy sh*t, FBF…..didn’t even make the connection…..until now.
      Stop hypnotizing me, dammit!!

      • FormerBruinsFan Says:

        Hypnosis, Clarence? Hardly. It’s called ”not very subliminal” perception!
        Did the hapless B’s snap their four game slide tonight, or am I trippin’?
        Later Clarence, Amy Winehouse is on the Abbey Road webcam. Now what is she up to?

  5. clarencethehorse Says:

    Poor Amy….at least she’s wearing pants this time. Yes! The B’s did look solid the other nite against the Senators…but lest see if they can keep it up against Atlanta tonite.

    Merry Christmas, Pete~!

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