Savard Signs 7-year Extension with Boston; Bruins Ground Lightning

The Tampa Bay Lightning came into Boston on Wednesday night  with many familiar faces in tow.  Head coach Rick Tocchet and assistant coach Adam Oates played for the Bruins, and were both sent to the Washington Capitals (along with goalie Bill Ranford) in the same trade that brought Jim Carey, Anson Carter and Jason Allison to the Bruins on March 1, 1997.  Needham native Cap Raeder is the goaltending coach, and former Bruin Wes Walz is also an assistant coach. But the Bruins were looking to continue their winning ways (7-1-4 in last 12) and had no homecoming festivities planned for the Lightning, as they played another solid defensive game and beat Tampa Bay 4-1.

Before the game, the Bruins announced they had signed star center Marc Savard to a seven-year extension, which is great news for Bruins fans:

The Bruins offense really suffered, and often disappeared, during the month that Savard missed with a broken foot earlier this season.  It was Savard who gave the Bruins a 1-0 lead with a power play goal off the back of the goalies legs at 8:05 of the first period.  It was Savard’s 5th of the season, and the 200th of his NHL career.  Patrice Bergeron continued his torrid pace of late, and scored a goal on a rebound of a Zdeno Chara shot to give the Bruins a 2-0 lead after one period. Marco Sturm added two second period goals, his 7th and 8th of the season, and the Bruins had a  commanding 4-0 lead  at the end of two period. Bergeron and Mark Recchi assisted on both of Sturm’s goals, and Recchi assisted on Bergeron’s goal as well.  The Bruins’ second line combined for eight points on the night, and Bergeron has officially returned to form.  The Bruins would like to see this chemistry  continue, as their biggest asset last season was their ability to get offense from all four lines.

That reminds of this long-lost “Clarence-Classic” from Semisonic:

Tim Thomas was back in-goal for the Bruins, on the heels of giving up (another) last-minute goal, and a point in the standings,  to the Senators last Saturday nite.  Thomas did stand tall in that game’s shootout and allow the Bruins to get the two points, and he was solid in this game, as he had a season-high 39 saves in net for the Bruins.  Only Jeff Halpern beat Thomas early in the third, and this game was never in doubt for Boston. So the Bruins have now lost in regulation only ONCE in thir last 13 games (8-1-4), and find themselves one point behind Buffalo for the Adams…I mean, Northeast division lead, and in fifth place in the conference.

Here’s a picture from the game:

Photo Credit: Jerri Blank

The Bruins have an important three games coming up against divisional opponents, starting with a visit to the Bell Centre in Montreal tonight (12/4) to face the Canadiens.


Then, “KesselPalooza” comes to town, as the Bruins play consecutive games (five nights apart) at the Garden against ex-Bruin Phil Kessel and the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday night, then Thursday night. This scheduling quirk, playing the same team in consecutive games at home, should provide an opportunity for the Boston fans to express how they feel about Kesssel’s decision to jump ship for the Leafs in the name of

That is no knock against Kessel; professional athletes need to take the $ when they can, as their careers can be over at any minute due to injury.  But the fans will still let him know what they think of his decision to jump ship to Toronto.

10 Responses to “Savard Signs 7-year Extension with Boston; Bruins Ground Lightning”

  1. FormerBruinsFan Says:

    Clarence, I just finish jumping on the bandwagon when Mike Cammalleri pushes me off. What happened? I thought the Habs stunk this year.

    Well, no Celtics tonite so maybe I’ll watch and see if Kessel can make them sorry they were so cheap!

    By the way, nice tunes. Is that a new guitarist for Steely Dan? Black Friday sounded different?

    I liked The Offspring song also.

    Not familiar with Semisonic, or Redemption Day but nice tunes.

    Clarence, its 2 – 0 Bruins so I’ll leave now, don’t want to miss Toronto’s comeback!


    • FormerBruinsFan Says:

      As Emily Litella would say, “Nevermind!”

    • clarencethehorse Says:

      FBF; “It’s always sumthin’!” Good win….should be interesting Thursday, as some bad blood developed during that game. The “second” guitarist for Steely Dan is Jon Herrington:

      He plays the second solo that closes out “Black Friday” in that video….he’s an awesome guitarist, and he and founding guitarist Walter Becker play well off of each other LIVE. I’ve seen him play with SD probably 6-7 times.
      I’m glad someone’s checking out my “clarence nuggets”……keep clicking, FormerBruinsFan~!!!!!

  2. Dan Wilson Says:

    I LOVE that Semisonic. I think I’ll run out and get their latest cd. Can you tell me what that is, Clarence?

    • clarencethehorse Says:

      Well Helloooo, Fran~Dan! It would seem that you should know all there is to know about Semisonic, but here’s a quick refresher:

      “Chemistry” was the first single from the band’s final studio album, 2001’s All About Chemistry. Here’s some more from the pride of Minneapolis, Fran~Dan:

      Get ready for Kessel~Mania, ROUND 2!!

  3. FormerBruinsFan Says:

    Just watched the Secret Smile video. A young John and Yoko, right?

    • clarencethehorse Says:

      Definitely the same vibe….not to mention lookalikes.

      I am now obliged to remind you of their biggest hit….so lets turn the clock WAAYY back to 1998:

  4. FormerBruinsFan Says:

    Long time between blogs! What’s the matter, team going strong and you’re afraid you’ll jinx them?
    KesselmaniaII turned out to be a dud just like the first one. I thought they were going to blow it though when Toronto cut it to 3-2. Against any other team they might have, but Toronto can’t beat anyone.

    Islanders next? They stink too. Let’s see how the B’s can lose this one!

    Question for you Clarence.
    Whose rep was soiled more, Tiger’s or Clemens’?

    BTW, I like Secret Smile better.

    Lets get going with the Clarence nuggets,

    • clarencethehorse Says:

      FormerBruinsFan – Tomorrow a.m., after a quick spin on the thigh~master, a haircut at Terri’s, and breakfast at the airport (yes, that’s right…), I will be posting my latest Bruins summary. Then, its time to do the outside Christmas lights:

      I was going to get it done tonite, but I got caught up watching The Onion Movie…..highly recommended:

      If you liked Kentucky Fried Movie, or Amazon Women on the Moon, you will like this biting satire.

      Toronto is a pretty poor defensive team, and that’s the death-knell in today’s NHL (and yesterday’s NHL, too, actually…). The Bruins are 8-1-1 in last 10, and the Islanders will be the next victims….the B’s defense will put the cap back on Moulson and win 5-1…yes, that is a bold prediction.

      ANSWER: Clemens, still the leader in the clubhouse. Tiger just lied to his wife; Roger lied (and is STILL lying) to all of his fans…..which currently means “both of them”. Tiger can also redeem himself on the stage he feels most comfortable on….the golf course. Clemens does not have that opportunity in baseball anymore.

      Hope to see you next week, if possible…I have a new Holiday mix CD for everyone!

      And remember: it’s a wise man who rules the stars…..but it’s a fool who’s ruled by them.

      Over and out.

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