Momentum Screeches to a Halt for the Bruins

I use the word ‘momentum’ lightly, but the Bruins had shown some encouraging strides in their last four game home stand and seemed poised to continue that upward trend.  So much for trending up. The following two games, at the Pittsburgh Penguins on November 14 and back home against the New York Islanders on November 16, were polar opposites in terms of effort by the Bruins, but both games had the same result: making Bruins fans nauseous.

The Bruins got a point in Pittsburgh, and it was well-earned as they came back from FOUR one-goal deficits to finally take a 5-4 lead with 2:29 remaining in regulation. But they let the win slip away like a fart in the desert as Tim Thomas let in a softie by ex-Bruin Billy Guerin with just under a second left.  Another giveaway  from Thomas in OT secured the two points for Pittsburgh.  Here’s the game summary for those interested…I’m still not ready to re-live this loss.  New Hampshire native Ben Lovejoy  did record his first NHL point in his second NHL game as he registered an assist for the Penguins.

Against the Islanders, the Bruins were so uninspired for such long stretches of the game, I had to check to see if Dave Lewis was back behind the bench.  There were no Bruins highlights. Here’s the game summary….Roloson and Moulson, and some empty Bruins jerseys.

The Bruins are headed on the road until Thanksgiving for four games, starting tomorrow night in Atlanta.  They are currently tied for 11th place in the Eastern Conference, and Bruins fans are sweating like Amy Winehouse  going through customs.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I need a laugh.

CLICK  below to cachinnate:


6 Responses to “Momentum Screeches to a Halt for the Bruins”

  1. Wow, great blog. I love reading blogs about comedy. The world needs more laughter these days. Who is your favorite comedian? I would have a hard time choosing between Albert Brooks. I don’t have time to read it all right now, I found this site when looking for something else on Google, but I’ve bookmarked your homepage and will visit again soon to see the latest news. Click here if you’d like to check out my site. Have a good week!

  2. FormerBruinsFan Says:

    well it’s Thanksgiving morn and I am writing this while listening to Alice’s Restaurant. Let me pause to wish you and your loved ones a happy Thanksgiving.
    Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, what’s going on? Four in a row! And all on the road! If they keep this up I might jump back on the bandwagon.
    The links are great. “I’m Brown from the Sun.” Great line.
    Which Marx Bros movie is that?
    Lot’s of great scenes in Best in Show. Definitely one of my favorite comedies.
    “We have a lot in common, we both like soup and snow peas…”
    How about
    “Cookie, remember this, ‘I’m not wearing underwear.’ ” “Bulge, is that you?”
    “Just think, in some countries they eat these dogs.”
    Great lines.
    Actually, loved all the clips.
    Job from Arrested Development has resurfaced on 30 Rock.

    Getting back to the Bruins, to what do you attribute this success? Oh no, I just heard Lucic suffered another fluke injury. There goes the streak.

    • clarencethehorse Says:

      Happy Thanksgiving, FBF~! All great lines form Best In Show….I may make that my Thanksgiving Nite flick. The bandwagon has a few open seats remaining, but they’re going fast. I’m anxiously awaiting word on Lucic….he was really becoming a factor again. Did u see the play? His left knee got bent pretty badly. I hope nothing “popped”.
      I’m still laughing remembering “Just think, in some countries they eat these dogs.”
      And that Groucho/Margaret Dumont scene is from “Duck Soup” (1933).
      We’ll see what the word is on the Looch injury…..I should be putting up a new post tonite/tomorrow a.m.
      Now get ready to eat and watch football.

      Black Friday tomorrow vs. the Devils at High Noon!

  3. great stuff psl, (locksmith=pissa!) having a hard time findind “times like these”.

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