“Adventureland” is an Excellent Flick


This past weekend, I watched “Adventureland”….and let me tell you, this is the best coming of age comedy I have seen in years.  “Adventureland” is like the bastard love child of directors John Hughes and Hal Ashby…..with Wes Anderson as the surrogate mother…or father.  Admittedly, being from my era (1987….I was 19) added to the appeal of this movie.  The Replacements (“Bastards of Young”) blared through the opening credits, and soon there was Husker Du, Nick Lowe, The Outfield (yes…them), the Human League, Lou Reed, the Cure, and that annoying “Amadeus” song.  For anyone who doesn’t remember 1987 because they were too young, or too fucked up, this song was indeed on every other FM station you turned on at any given time.  Our protagonist, James (Jesse Eisenberg), cannot get away from the song as it blares constantly through Adventureland.  The familair theme of first love is the main plot line, but director Greg Mottola manages to keep it fresh, and Eisenberg’s lovable geek keeps us pulling for him.  Although it is a ‘coming of age’ story, there is nothing cliched about this movie. Original, funny, and filled with hilarious characters (Kristen Wiig is the most reliably funny SNL cast member in 2009, btw), there was not a scene in the movie that did not jog some memory of the 1980’s. The Replacements “Unsatisfied” appears towards the end of the film…..but you will not be unsatisfied with this movie….now THAT’s a segway.

It’s not much, but it’s my first post.  Bruins opener is October 1 against the Capitals.


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